The wind and the Cantabric Sea come together in a tribute


A tribute from the Gipuzkoan sailing world to an emblematic character in this sport: D. Vicente Munilla.

It’s for you Toti!

His passion for sailing made him an unconditional emblematic character in this world. Even as a child, embarking at the age of 15 on an optimist, his life was totally linked to the sea. Even shortly before he died, he was still organizing a trip to Southampton to pick up one of his 4 children and return with him to San Sebastian.

His inner strength, his kind character and his great enthusiasm intensely promoted the world of sailing throughout the Basque Country, where the nerve center was the Real Club Náutico de San Sebastián (co-organizer of the International Sailing Race San Sebastián City).

European runner-up in the 470 modality in 1967 and 1970. 70 Trophies in different modalities of various sailing races, remain as a witness of the perseverance and effort of this runner-up in the Plymouth-San Sebastián.

Toti, cheerful, faithful, social, loyal and funny, a friend of his friends, in love with his family with whom he shared this sport. Loved by all, and not only by those who loved sailing like him, but by those who at some point in their lives had the privilege of sharing and discovering by his side that Toto Munilla belongs to the group of those people who make your life nicer.

The beginnings

After the disappearance of the traditional Plymouth-San Sebastian sailing race, there was a gap in the calendar of events in our city. A town as closely linked to the sea as Bella Easo, cradle of great sailors and starting point for famous Basque sailors, was left without its only sailing sailing race. To cover that gap left, we set out to create a sailing race that would bring together the entire fleet of Cantabrian sailboats in a regatta field in front of our city.

The sailing race, since the very beginning, was considered Official within the Calendar of the Basque and Spanish Sailing Federation. And it managed to bring together in San Sebastian the fastest sailing boats in Northern Spain and Southwestern of France.

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